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Bijaya Dashami

Bijaya Dadhami is celebrated by the Hindus of Nepal.The great festival of Dashain Shakrti is celebrated by Nepalis with great joy. As it falls in the autumn out of the four Navaratras mentioned in Devi Bhagavat, it is known as Shardiya Navaratra, Dashain in common vernacular and Mohini Nakhah in the Newari tradition. There is a tradition of worshiping Durga Bhawani from Ashwin Shukla Pratipada to Navami and immersing Durga on the day of Dashmi according to the classical constitution. Devotees of Sanatani Dharma take it as a very big festival of the year and celebrate Ashwin Shukla Kojagrat Purnima.

According to Srimad-Bhagavatam, at the end of Tretayuga, Lord Ramachandra took the form of a human being for the welfare of the world and after worshiping Bhagwati on the Navratra of Ashwin Shukla, departed to fight against Ravana in Lanka on the site of Vijayadashami. There is a story of victory over Ravana by worshiping the goddess.


The nine forms of Nav durga in Navrata are Shailaputri (potential power), Brahma charini (magnetic power), Chandraghanta (sound power), Kushmanda (chemical power), Skandamata (power of attraction), Katyayani (cosmic center power), Kalaratri (transmission power), Mahagauri (light). Shakti) and Siddhidatri (electric power) are worshiped. Mohini Nakha: The Newar community worships Ashtamatrika i.e. Brahmayani (Creation), Maheshwari (Destruction), Kaumari (Leadership), Narayani (Status), Varahi (Protection), Indrayani (Governance), Chamunda (Tej) and Mahalakshmi (Aishwarya). Mohini Nakha celebrates.

bijaya dashami ko subhakamana
Bijaya dashami ko subhakamana
  • The scientific approach to Ghatsthapana : From the day of Ashwinshukla Pratipada, the Sanatanis, according to their total conduct, have established ghats (pots) and worshiped Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati in a scriptural manner.
  • Three characters of the saptami: The three characters of Bhagwati are described in the Durgasaptashati Chandi under the Savarni Manvantar of the Markandeya Purana. In the first character, Mahakali and Brahmaji, who originated in the lotus of Sahasradal, which appeared from Vishnu’s navel in ancient times, are described as two powerful giants, Madhu and Katav, who appeared from Vishnu’s Karnamal (Kaneguji).
  • Navratri Pooja: On the seventh day of Navratra, special worship is performed on Saptami. New magazines are introduced in Jamraghar. After the conquest of the Kathmandu Valley by Prithvinarayan Shah in the campaign for the unification of Greater Nepal, flowers are brought to Kathmandu from the Gorakhkali temple in Gorkha in the decade. It is customary for priests of the crocodile species to sow flowers. Banana, pomegranate, paddy ear, turmeric plant, manak, kachu, belpatra, ashoka, jayanti plant, these nine things are planted in Kotghar Basantapur as new leaflets. The act of sending a new magazine is directly established in the house of nature. After the new magazine is sent, Bhagwati is called Saraswati on the date with the original constellation.


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