Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada

Fruit Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada : Numerous agricultural fruit farms in Canada are currently seeking fruit farm laborers. The Canadian government has implemented various rules and regulations for farm workers, including fruit pickers, fruit packers, farm laborers, and more, under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). Some companies even offer free lodging, which can help offset the laborer’s VISA expenses. Individuals eligible to work in Canada can apply for these positions. If you do not have current authorization to work in Canada, your job application will not be considered.

For those interested in pursuing a career in unskilled jobs like farming, there are exciting opportunities to apply for the latest fruit farm job vacancies in Canada. Submit your updated CV and an attractive cover letter to be considered for these positions. Let’s delve into the available fruit farm laborer job vacancies, along with details on monthly and hourly salaries.

Facts About Working at Fruit Farms in Canada

Company TypeFruit Farming and Agricultural
Job LocationAcross Canada
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
EducationHigh School/Diploma/Degree
ExperienceExperienced preferred
Hiring AgeMore than 18 years old.
Salary Range$13.00 to $22.00 per hour (to be discussed)
Employee BenefitsAttractive Benefits

Latest Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada with Salaries in 2023 | Apply Now

Securing fruit farm worker jobs in Canada proves to be relatively easier compared to other types of employment opportunities due to the prevailing shortage of semi-skilled workers in the farming industries. If you possess a valid work permit visa for Canada, your chances of obtaining a fruit farm laborer job as a foreigner significantly increase. Now, let’s explore the current openings for fruit farm jobs in Canada:

Fruit farm workerLake view fruit corporationWinfield (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply
Farm worker, fruitSM Farm LTD.Pitt Meadows (BC)$17.00 to $20.00 hourlyApply
Farm worker, fruitPT Farm Market Ltd.Oliver (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply
Farm worker, fruitPT Farm Market Ltd.Oliver (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply
Fruit packer – farmDavid Machial Holdings LtdOliver (BC)$18.00 hourlyApply
Job BankFruit farm workerSAHIBAS BLUEBERRY FARM LTD.Abbotsford (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply
Farm worker, fruitGILLZ PACIFIC ORCHARD LTD.Abbotsford (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply
Job BankFarm worker, fruitHIGH QUALITY DAILY FRESH PRODUCE LTDVarious locations$16.75 hourlyApply
Job BankFarm worker, fruitDHANTI ACRESSurrey (BC)$16.75 hourlyApply

Fruit farm workers in Canada are responsible for a range of routine tasks on fruit farms, encompassing cultivating and fertilizing the soil, planting, cleaning, irrigating, and pruning crops. Additionally, they may be tasked with applying pesticides to crops for disease and pest management.

How to Apply Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada

To apply for Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility: Ensure you meet the necessary requirements to work in Canada. These requirements may include having a valid work permit or being eligible for a specific work program, such as the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP).
  2. Update your resume/CV: Prepare a well-organized and up-to-date resume that highlights any relevant farming or agricultural experience you may have.
  3. Search for job openings: Look for fruit farm laborer job vacancies on various job websites, company career pages, or agricultural job boards. You can also check with local agricultural agencies or contact fruit farms directly to inquire about job opportunities.
  4. Submit applications: Submit your application, including your resume and a cover letter, to the employers or companies offering the job vacancies. Your cover letter should express your interest in the position and briefly mention your relevant skills and experience.
  5. Be prepared for an interview: If your application is shortlisted, you may be invited for an interview, either in person or via video call. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, experience, and why you are interested in working on a fruit farm in Canada.
  6. Obtain a work permit: If you are selected for the job, ensure that you have the necessary work permit or visa to legally work in Canada. Some employers may assist with the work permit process for temporary positions under programs like SAWP.
  7. Understand the terms and conditions: Before accepting the job offer, carefully review the terms and conditions of employment, including wages, working hours, accommodation (if provided), and any other benefits.
  8. Plan your travel and accommodation: If you need to relocate for the job, make arrangements for your travel and accommodation in Canada.
  9. Join the workforce: Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you can start your employment as a fruit farm laborer in Canada.

Remember that the process of applying for jobs can vary depending on the specific employer and the type of job you are seeking. Networking and seeking assistance from local agricultural agencies or job placement services may also be helpful in finding suitable fruit farm laborer positions in Canada.

Once hired for Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada, you can expect to perform the following duties:

  1. Plant, cultivate, and irrigate crops.
  2. Harvest crops.
  3. Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment.
  4. Detect and address disease and health issues in crops, livestock, and poultry.
  5. Inspect produce for quality and prepare it for the market.
  6. Write daily progress reports.
  7. Undertake planting using hand tools and farm machines.
  8. Construct trellises for climbing plants and vines.
  9. Operate machines to cultivate, fertilize, spray, and harvest fruit and nuts.
  10. Apply chemical sprays to trees, vines, and plants to control weeds, insects, fungus, and diseases.
  11. Thin, weed, hoe row crops, and prune trees and vines.
  12. Irrigate land for crop growth.
  13. Select and pick fruit and nuts based on size and ripeness, discarding any over-ripened or rotting produce.
  14. Grade, sort, and pack produce into containers.
  15. Load filled fruit and nut containers onto trucks.

Important notice: The job posting in Canada has been directly provided by the company or employer through the job posting system. While the Government of Canada has taken extra measures to ensure accuracy and reliability, it cannot guarantee its authenticity. [Source: JobBank]

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