Juice Factory Jobs in CANADA with Work Permit

Numerous esteemed juice-producing companies in Canada are actively recruiting a significant number of staff members on an urgent basis. We are currently experiencing a high demand for individuals of all nationalities seeking employment in these juice factories. The application process is entirely free of charge. This remarkable job opportunity not only provides a chance to work in Canada but also offers the possibility of obtaining a work permit VISA and live-in jobs. Don’t delay; apply now and submit your most recent resume to seize this golden opportunity.

In juice factory jobs in Canada, employees hold crucial duties and responsibilities to ensure smooth and efficient operations. First and foremost, workers are responsible for operating and maintaining production equipment, following established guidelines and safety protocols to ensure the quality and safety of the products. They must adhere to strict hygiene standards to maintain a clean and sanitary production environment.

Juice factory employees are also expected to handle materials, such as fruits and ingredients, with care and precision. This may involve repetitive tasks, requiring physical stamina and attention to detail. They should actively contribute to maintaining a productive and collaborative team environment by communicating effectively with colleagues and supervisors.

Moreover, workers must be diligent in monitoring the production process, identifying and reporting any issues or deviations from standard procedures promptly. In fulfilling their duties, juice factory employees play a significant role in delivering high-quality products to consumers while upholding safety and hygiene standards in the workplace.

Factory maintenance mechanic helperHermitage Processing Inc.$21.56 to $26.00 hourlyApply
Factory maintenance mechanic helperJervis B. Webb Company of Canada, Ltd.$17.75 to $21.76 hourlyApply
Factory maintenance mechanic helperInterglobe alliance Inc.$16.00 to $22.00 hourlyApply
Maintenance mechanic, factoryOnyx Hose & Tube Inc.28.00 to $32.00 hourlyApply
Factory maintenance mechanic helperJIM PATTISON ENTERPRISES LTD.$22.50 hourlyApply
Factory maintenance mechanic helperCanadian Textile Services Inc$20.00 hourlyApply
Factory maintenance mechanic helperMX Glass & Mirror Manufacturing Ltd.$21.00 to $23.00 hourlyApply
Mechanic, maintenancePOMPES CHOUINARD INC.$24.00 hourlyApply

Job Summary:

We are seeking a Juice Room Machine Operator for a physical role in a manual juice production line. The position involves handling 30-50LB materials repetitively. Your main responsibilities will be operating production equipment safely and efficiently, ensuring product quality. Additionally, you will be responsible for cleaning the equipment and production area during and after production, following standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.

The job offers a full-time schedule of up to 44 hours per week, with shift times starting at 7 am, from Monday to Saturday. You will be working in a team-oriented environment on the production floor. The location is in “North York,” conveniently situated near Downsview Park & Downsview Station.

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