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Mahabir Pun

Mahabir Pun is a social entrepreneur, a teacher and a Nepali scientist. He was born on 22 january 1955 A.D in Nangi, a remote village in the mountainous district Myagdi district of western Nepal . His full name is Mahabir Pun Phagami. He was 66 years old .His father name is krishna pun and mother name is purbi pun. He married Om maya in june 1998 A.D. He travelled all over the Nepal and abroad. He was working on a multiple projects that kept him away from home.

mahabir pun

Mahabir Pun is an activist (karyakarta) known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas , and also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Projects.

He is widely known figure in Nepal. His work has be recognized by the Ashoka foundation , the famon magsaysay foundation , university of Nebraska and Global Ideas Bank . His work make inspiring many people to return their own country and serve it for its development.


Mahabir Pun spent his childhood grazing cattle and sheep and attending a village school without papers , pencils , textbooks or qualified teachers so in his village there is problem to get better educations. After finishing high school , he worked as a teacher for about 12 years in four schools , while supporting his brothers and sisters. In 1989 A.D after numerous applications to U.K and U.S universities, he succeeded in gaining a partial scholarship to the university of Nebraska at Kearney from which he graduated in 1922 A.D with a bachelor’s degree in science education.

After earning his master’s degree in education at the university of Nebraska at kearney in 2001 A.D , he returned to his native village of Nangi , in the myadi district of Nepal . And he returned to his native village with a dream to provide better educational opportunities for the children’s in the remote Himalayan foothill. He upgraded the village school and made it not only a source of education , but also the hub of community development project. He started income-generating projects in his village and neighboring villages such as yak and rabbit farming, cheese and jam construction, campground operations and many more to run schools and create jobs for the villagers. He had to work for several hours from one village to another village , to communicate with people because there were no telephone or modern communication system of any kind in the region.

mahabir pun
mahabir pun research center

Mahabir Pun established the Nepal Wireless Networking Project in 2002 AD to build local communication networks using wireless technology to connect people in the Himalayan community. His goal was to improve the quality of education and to bring the internet to the rural schools . Similarly, the government of Nepal banned the import and use of wireless devices due to clashes between Maoist insurgents and government forces. The villagers , which didn’t have access to electricity , and had never seen computers . In spite of those challenges , Mahabir Pun was able to connect wi-fi network and the Internet . Today those villagers are using the Internet for e-learning, e-healthcare, local e-commerce, community discussion, money transfer and weather monitoring. And they could have seen computers and could have access to eletricity . So due to effort and handwork of Mahabir Pun , his village will be developed . His hard work and effort make inspiring many youth people to return their own country and serve it for its development .

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