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Sanduk Ruit

Sanduk Ruit is an ophthalmologist ( eye surgeon) who saved 1,00,000 eyes. so he is known as Nepal’s miracle ( chamatkar) eye doctor. His occupation is ophthalmologist.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit was 66 years old. His Nationality is Nepalese. His wife name is Nanda Ruit. Dr. Sanduk Ruit was born on September 4, 1954 A.D in the remote mountainous village olangchunggola in the border with Tibet in Taplejung district of northeast Nepal. He was born in poor family. In his village, there is no schools, no electricity’s, no health facilities or lack of means of communication. So, it is one of the remotest region of Nepal. Sanduk Ruit’s family made a subsistence living from small agriculture, petty trading and livestock farming.

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Sanduk Ruit was the second children of his parents out of four children’s. But he lost his three siblings ( brother and sisters ). His elder brother was died due to diarrhea at the age of three years and his younger sister ‘Chundak ‘ was died due to fever at the age of eight years. In many interviews, Sanduk Ruit has mentioned (showed) that for him, the most painful was his younger sister Yongle’s death. His younger sister was died due to tuberculosis. Sanduk Ruit family’s was too poor to afford the best treatment available which could have saved her life but couldnot have saved her life due to poorness. In many interviews Sanduk Ruit said that this loss made a strong mark on him and instilled in him a resolve to became a doctor and work for the poor who couldnot get proper health care. Now, he is an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon).

Sanduk Ruit
Sanduk Ruit

Sanduk Ruit father is a small-time businessman which more priority on providing best education to his children’s. The nearest school from his village was eleven days walk away in Darjeeling. Sanduk Ruit father sent to him to St Robert school in Darjeeling and provided financial support for his early medical career . In 1969 A.D. Sanduk Ruit was graduated from Siddhartha Vanasthali School in Kathmandu, Nepal. He was studied MBBS from King George’s Medical College . He also studied in the Netherland, Australia, and the United states. Then, he became an ophthalmology from Nepal who surgery the poor blindness people .

Sanduk Ruit is also one of the founder of the Tilganga institute of ophthalmology . He is known as Nepal’s miracle eye doctor who helped many poor blindness people by surgery eye and give a new life for them.

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