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Top Nepali Movies All Time Best

Nepali movies industry is still an emerging industry. But yet some beautiful movies with fabulous stories are also made in the Nepali movies industry. The Nepali movies industry is also known as Kollywood. The nepali movies industry largely includes the films made in various local and regional languages of Nepal, such as in Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Limbu, Tharu, Doteli, Maithili etc. Today discuss top Nepali movies all time best and success in Nepali films industry .

Top Nepali Movies all time best.

1.Pashupati Prasad

Director: Dipendra K. Khanal

Running Time: 135 min

Release Year: 2016

Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Language : Nepali

Pashupati Prasad movie is a 2016 Nepali movie about the struggle in the life , who is under poverty after the earthquake.

This movie is about a man named Pashupati Prasad who struggles in the Kathmandu valley to pay off his father’s debt that he inherited after his father died…..

The movies has 9.5 out of 10 IMDb rating and also have a great review in leading national daily post of Himalayan Times.

2. Jhola

Director: Yadav Kumar Bhattarai

Writers: Deepak Aalok (screenplay), Krishna Dharabasi (story)

Stars: Garima Panta, Laxmi Giri , Sujal Nepal,

Release Year: 2013

Genres: Drama | History

Language : Nepali, English ( subtitle )

Jhola movie is Nepali film industry best and all time best . Jhola movies is after her husband death, a girl is forced to die due to the Sati Pratha in Nepal . The movie begins when an old man called Ghanashyam leaves his bag for a night at the writer’s home. Doubtless , the author only checks the contents of the bag to find the old manuscript, which contains 11 short stories. When Dharabasi began to study, he moved to 18th century Nepal. Jhola has 9.5 out of 10 IMDb rating.

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3. Cha Maya Chhapakkai

Director: Dipendra Lama
Cast: Deepak Raj Giri, Kedar Prasad Ghimire ,Keki Adhikari, Jitu Nepal

Language : Nepali
Release Date:  2019

Another comedy and drama film Cha Maya Chhapakkai. Cha Maya Chhapakkai movie is Part of ‘Chakka Panja’ series. The story of 42-year-old age Comrade BP who falls in love with 24-year-old age doctor Jal. Unfortunately, both families have a political rivalry. The movie depicts the issues faced by them during their struggle to give a happy ending to their love story.

4.  Gopi

Director: Dipendra Lama

Cast: Bipin Karki, Surakshya Panta, Barsha Raut,

Release Date: 2019

Gopi is Nepali best movie in all time. The story of the Gopi movie revolves around a character named Rekha Gopi, who continues to struggle to stay in Nepal despite the changing political and social conditions.


5. Jatrai Jatra

Director: Pradeep Bhattarai

Cast: Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Dayahang Rai,

Release Date:  2019

Also best movies in nepal is Jatra Jatra .The movie is a sequel for the part of ‘Jatra’. The movie story revolves around the life of Fanindra, Joyes and Munna after they get released from jail on bail. The story takes turns when they find the gold bag.


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