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Unnati Cultural Village

Unnati Cultural Village is an initiative of the Chaudhary Foundation. The catering towards sustainable development of traditional livelihood programs and women empowerment. Unnati Cultural Village’s philosophy is the revival and survival of national heritage, through forms of crafts, dance, foods, music, habitat,language and essentially encompassing the philosophy of life by which civilizations once thrived in culture and traditions. Full form of UNNIT (Upscaling National Natural, Artistic, & Traditional Industries), conceived as a trans disciplinary initiative proposes to structure and augment Nepal’s Creative and Cultural Sector.

CG Unnati Cultural Village Harkapur
Unnati Cultural Village

Located at a distance of 12 km from Narayangarh Bazaar, the village has components including arts and crafts, guest space and culture experience. Arts and Craft include Sampada, Batika, Nature Walk, Theater , Craft Museum, Nepal Craft. Similarly, The Atelier , Culture includes Tharu Village, Outdoor, Bada Ghar Double and Gadla Mod.

CG Unnati Cultural Village
Unnati Cultural Village Nawalpur

Guest space includes Art House, Bodhi Kunj , Dehari (Tharu House), Atithya and experiences include Art and Craft, Ethnic Cuisine, Tharu Culture, Hospitality, Organic Farming. Culturally, there is a Tharu village here. These include Tharu Dabli and Tharu Bar. Tharu Bar name ‘Gadla Mod’.

There is also an art gallery, where creators can come and create. Here a special space has been allocated for the promotion of organic farming and the exhibition of various methods of food production.

Products will be sold here for guests coming to Tharu restaurant. At the same time, traditional Thakali and Nepalese food will also be tasted. The town will also have a “Multipurpose Cultural Hall”, where cultural banquets, gatherings, meetings, cultural exhibitions will be organized. It has one places, which is called ‘Open air museum’.

CG Unnati Cultural Village Nawalpur
Unnati Cultural Village

Here the artist creates his artwork, which will be displayed here. The village produces various local handicraft tools. For that, there is a plan to produce skilled labor and bring products to market.
A “History Museum” has also been created to spark interest in Nepalese arts and crafts, where Nepalese artisans will have ancient, medieval and modern handicrafts. Along with Tharu, the village also incorporates the culture of other communities.


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